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A centre which is proposed to as its first kind in Sierra Leone to be build in BO and Kambia An initiative started by women to enable women to use the law to advance their rights to equality. IMF working with community leaders and stakeholders collaborating to show their commitments to women empowerment in the northern and southern of the country


Infinity mind foundation have also strived to bring our pro bono activities in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which include a specific goal to end discrimination and violence against women and girls. We did this in an effort to make visible the often hidden and uncomfortable issues of domestic violence, slavery and trafficking, abuse of female sexual reproductive rights, transgender concerns and the plight of sex workers.

The report states that this violence can affect women’s physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health, and may increase vulnerability to HIV. Issues such as low education, child maltreatment or exposure to violence in the family, harmful use of alcohol, attitudes accepting of violence and gender inequality are all factors that can influence this gender-based violence.

Our report also indicates that there is evidence from high-income settings that school-based programmes could be effective in helping to prevent relationship or dating violence among young people. In lower income settings the primary prevention strategies include microfinance combined with gender equality training and community-based initiatives that address gender inequality and relationship skills. In our efforts to address this crucial human rights issue and to contribute towards the suggested methods of resolving gender-based violence, we have partnered with several programmes that aim to help women and girls who have either been victims of violence or who might be vulnerable to such abuse later in life. We decided that we wanted to contribute our specialist skills in a way that is meaningful and effective in resolving this issue that affects so many women in Africa.

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